Feeling buried in a deluge of news media, social media speculation, and email list servs? Are you hoping to get involved or stay attentive without burning out? You've landed in the right place. Welcome to Couch Activism, where we provide one thoughtful piece with a few actions per day.

On the heels of the inauguration, we found ourselves crowding out our social media pages and real-life conversations with calls to action. We decided to preserve (what was left) of our social capital and take on those efforts in a more formal setting.

By founding Couch Activism, we hope to co-create a space for varying levels of action and engagement to improve our communities. Many aspects of what is considered "traditional activism" only further marginalize populations that are most at-risk, and often most beneficial to have at the table. 

Couch Activism provides a series of daily actions on a single topic, most of which can be achieved from your couch. When it's urgent, we'll ask you to mobilize with us and get off the couch! A huge part of our existence in the world is developed through self-education, so we've dropped our favorite and most trusted resources here for you to peruse and pass on.

Couch Activism is a partner of Action Alliance, a collaboration of over seventy #resistance initiatives. 

See you on the couch!



Brooke Jordy

  • Taos, N.M. / Boston, M.A.
  • B.A. Political Science, foci: Public Law at Lewis & Clark College
  • @bjordy

After many political classes together and many more nights yelling sassy commentary at the TV, Callie and I finally decided to put pen to paper. I mean, fingers to keyboards. Follow us - two twenty-something introverts - as we attempt to fight the good fight against man-spreading, and its more dangerous effects. 

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Callie Rice Wine  

  • Washington, D.C. / Orange County, C.A.
  • B.A. International Affairs, foci: North Korean Politics & American Constitutional Law at Lewis & Clark College
  • @CallieRiceWine

Brooke and I had toyed with starting a blog for various things, namely cooking / eating / fangirling over Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Then, the 2016 election happened and we decided to get serious. We created Couch to help people get involved in a sustainable way and to hold ourselves accountable for the next 4 years. Hopefully after 45's term ends, we can shift the focus towards activism that is a smidge less reactive / twitter-sensitive.