Book Club

The Couch Activism Book Club lists materials for a self-guided learning experience on a variety of topics critical to allyship and activism. Each section has books, articles, documentaries, podcasts, and art curated by individuals actively engaged in the topic. 

Each section provides only one perspective on a given topic. If you would like to submit a "reading list" on a new topic or offer another perspective on a topic listed below, email  


Understanding Islam: A Beginner's Guide

Hans Faye, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Morocco

A (Very) Brief Historical Overview of (Much of) the Modern Middle East

Nate Dorgan, Graduate Student in Middle Eastern Studies, University of Chicago


Callie Rice Wine, Co-Founder of Couch Activism

Understanding Racism, White Privilege, Supremacy and Allyship

Jessica Clarke, Education Specialist and Equity Facilitator

foundational resources on environmental issues

Andrea Fisher, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

The Black Truth

Erin Banks, BA + Alicia Kirkland, BA

a BeGINNER'S eDUCATION in Middle East Politics

Cyrus Partovi, Former Adviser to the Shah of Iran + Senior Lecturer of International Affairs at Lewis & Clark College

Women's Movements + Intimate and Sexual Partner Violence

Diana Hinova, MPP Georgetown McCourt School 2011

Human Rights

Heather Smith-Cannoy, Associate Professor and Chair of International Affairs at Lewis & Clark College

Harm Reduction in Drug Policy

Anya Ludwig, Program Coordinator at Oregon Health & Science University + Volunteer at Outside In Intravenous Drug User Health Services