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Here at Couch Activism, we are feeling the love for Planned Parenthood - this week and every week.

Did you know that Planned Parenthood helps nearly 5 million men, women, and young adults with sexual and reproductive healthcare, education and outreach each year? That's amazing! Their support for all those people includes contraceptive service, annual health exams, family planning, and more. 

Perhaps more importantly, 75% of Planned Parenthood's patients (that means about 3.5 million people) qualify as low-income individuals. So, not only is it important to stand up for women's health and access to vital health care, it is incredibly important to stand up for those who arguably need these services the most. 


  1. Got time? Become a Planned Parenthood Defender.
  2. Enter to win awesome feminist goodies by donating to Planned Parenthood! More information from Room 334 here. We did it, and we are excited to see who wins the raffle and how much money Planned Parenthood raises!
  3. Call your representatives and ask them to support women's access to health care by protecting Planned Parenthood.
  4. Attend an #IStandWithPP event.
  5. Tell Congress to protect Title X -- just be certain you personalize the message! Check out our post to learn more about Title X. 
  6. Educate yourself about Planned Parenthood so you can be an effective ally. Check out Planned Parenthood By the Numbers here.

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