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Scott Pruitt | EPA

45's pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, is scheduled to have a confirmation hearing today, February 17th. Couch Activism recognizes two primary concerns with this:

  1. Pruitt is a long-time opponent of the EPA: he's taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from fossil fuel industries; refers to climate science as "speculative guesswork;" fights clean water regulation and has sued the EPA.  
  2. Pruitt is the Attorney General of the state of Oklahoma. The hearing is scheduled prior to important information being released about his time as Oklahoma's Attorney General.

For the purposes of this post, we will focus on item #2 (because, of course 45 wants someone anti-EPA to run the EPA, should we call it DeVosing?). Read more about the employees at the EPA working to oppose Pruitt here.

A key function of a state Attorney General's office is providing information when the appropriate requests are made. Pruitt has failed to provide public records, ignoring nine requests from watchdog agency, Center for Media and Democracy, for two years. Yesterday, an Oklahoma judge ordered Pruitt to turn over those documents related to his communications with coal, oil and natural gas corporations by Tuesday, February 21st.

At Couch Activism, we believe in making decisions with the best information available. The Senate cannot reasonably approve Pruitt's appointment without at least reviewing the information sought by the Center for Media and Democracy. Last night on the senate floor the Democrats agreed. Call or email your representative today, and ask them to table the vote on Pruitt until after these documents can be reviewed. 

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