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It's recess; let's play: ACA Edition

Congress takes a number of recesses each year, today begins the first one of the year! Individual members typically return to their home states and districts to host town hall meetings and events. 

This is the time to show up and voice your support of the Affordable Care Act. 

Here is a beautiful list of times and dates for town hall events. We also find the on-going list of events on Resistance Calendar helpful. 

Trump lied about crowd size because he knows it is important. He recognizes the power of constituents being physically present. When someone takes the time out of their busy schedule to attend an event, the issues are obviously important to them. Visible uproar has proven to be effective, in the 9th Circuit Court ruling on the Muslim Ban the court described the "massive attention this case has garnered." They see us.  

It is time to hold our elected officials responsible for their actions. They are elected to represent us. Go and demand that your representatives generate a comprehensive, practical replacement to the Affordable Care Act before they repeal the current law. Share your stories about how the ACA has helped you and your loved ones. Your stories and opinions matter, and they should also matter to our representatives.

Here at Couch Activism we will be following news of town hall meetings and publishing event details. Check back with us here and on our Twitter account (@couchactivism) for more information. Not sure who your Congresspeople are? Use your zip code to check here. If you can't find any scheduled town halls or constituent events, check out Indivisible's guide for holding "Missing Members of Congress" accountable. 

Also useful, are these tools from and their #ResistanceRecess initiative. Learn how to make members talk via Bird-Dogging, and sign petitions calling on members to hold Town Hall meetings.

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