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Protect Public Education & Title IX from Falwell

What is Title IX?

In sum, Title IX provides that schools receiving Department of Education funding are required to operate in a nondiscriminatory way. This was originally introduced to address sex discrimination, and now includes rules on investigating and reporting sexual assault. See more information about this topic from the Department of Education.

Who is Jerry Falwell Jr.?

Jerry Falwell Jr. is the son of the late, famed televangelist, Jerry Falwell Sr. He is currently President of Liberty University, a private, Christian University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Liberty and Falwell you may recognize Liberty's name as a University that teaches "Young Earth Creationism" as a biology course. Or perhaps you remember Falwell from his 2015 suggestion that students apply for concealed carry permits in an effort "to end those Muslims," during a school-wide convocation service. These remarks were not shared with a small audience. Liberty University’s convocation service,  is held three times a week in a 12,000-seat sports arena. The service is mandatory for the students who live on campus and is streamed online for its 95,000 online students. Falwell has been asked to lead the Trump Administration's education task force. 

His involvement in the Department of Education would muddy the lines between the separation of Church and State in the DoE, his advisory position could benefit Liberty University, and suggested policies from the task force could potentially endanger students. He is of particular danger to Title IX. Liberty University's spokesperson Len Stevens stated in CNN via email

"(Falwell) has an interest in eliminating what he feels are overreaches by the federal government, particularly the Department of Education, as pertains to colleges and universities across the country...Title IX is one of the areas he mentioned where there is over-regulation...Falwell feels issues regarding investigating campus sexual assault are "better left to police, attorneys, judges."

Get on the phone, write emails, and take to Twitter. Demand protection of Title IX and students in the public education system.

Contact Information

  • Falwell's [possible] email:
  • Fallwell's Twitter: @JerryJrFalwell
  • Liberty University, Office of the Provost: (434) 592-4030
  • Dept. of Ed. Regional Communications Offices: Find your location

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