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FACA, and how trump broke the law

What is FACA?

The Federal Advisory Committee Act was passed in 1972 and requires that advisory committee meetings are open to the public. In the modern day presidency, that takes shape as broadcasting meetings. FACA was introduced as a way to ensure that special interest groups do not have disproportionate sway in these influential, private meetings.

How does this relate to Trump?

45 convened his first CEO advisory committee on Friday, February 3rd. Watchdog groups, such as CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), claim that Trump's various advisory committees are continuously skirting FACA requirements. This may be a "wait and see" situation as the Trump administration develops its approach. 

Tell 45 how you feel.

This post was inspired by the brilliant Pod Save America - a podcast by former Obama administration aides, check it out.

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