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Freedom of the Press?


As many know, No. 45's administration is moving more and more towards a controlled environment by limiting the press. In fact, March 6th was the first day the administration was completely closed-press. They canceled the press briefing and instead held a closed-session "gaggle." A gaggle is an informal briefing held by the White House Press Secretary given to a select group of the press. 

What 45 calls his "war with the media" is the first of its kind in contemporary presidential history. The administration is clearly biased towards friendly media, such as Fox News, Breitbart, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and he Washington Times, to name a few. In fact, on February 24th, Press Sec. Sean Spicer excluded major news organizations, including CNN, The New York Times, and Politico, along with a number of foreign news organizations, from a press gaggle. However, he allowed right-wing outlets Breitbart, The Washington Times, and OANN to attend. The Associated Press and Time magazine boycotted the gaggle in solidarity with the excluded outlets.


Politico recently broke a story about how 45's campaign staff kept him off Twitter in an effort to stem his online rants:

"The key to keeping Trump’s Twitter habit under control, according to six former campaign officials, is to ensure that his personal media consumption includes a steady stream of praise. And when no such praise was to be found, staff would turn to friendly outlets to drum some up — and make sure it made its way to Trump’s desk."

Basically, 45 rarely reads anything online, so staffers would ask places like Breitbart or the Washington Examiner to write a favorable story about the candidate. Staff would then make sure the print version made it into 45's daily rotation of news.

Obviously, this is problematic. Not only is it questionable that OUR PRESIDENT reads less reliable news than any other politician or president, but OUR PRESIDENT is reading news controlled by his own insiders. He is clearly more out of touch with the American public than previously understood. 


Under President Woodrow Wilson, press conferences moved from a more private event to an open event. It was such a large ordeal for a president to handle that President Hoover later appointed the first press secretary. 

Jumping ahead, President Nixon moved the press room from the West Wing to a large room built over the pool. Later, President Clinton's administration started the custom of televising live White House press briefings held by press secretaries rather than presidents. For more details, visit the original story by Time Magazine here.


  1. Use social media to thank TimeUSA Today, and the Associated Press for boycotting the briefing in solidarity with the barred journalists
  2. Contact ABC, NBC, CBS, Reuters, Bloomberg, Fox News, and McClatchy* to tell them they should boycott any further briefings where other outlets are excluded, or commit to sharing information with excluded groups and asking questions on their behalf:

*McClatchy is a news organization conglomeration. They own a number of local papers, as well.

Thanks to Project 1461 for this action information.

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