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AHCA: A Political Perspective


AHCA benefits the rich, a.k.a. 45's social circle. It is likely that those who voted for him in the Rust Belt did so because they have been forgotten or sidelined by traditional politicians in national political conversation. Reports have demonstrated that most of the individuals who will be negatively impacted voted for 45, and apparently, 45 agrees

  • Republicans are trying to force the legislation through Congress before their mid-April recess so as to avoid another #ResistanceRecess
    • If the bill is not passed, it will get caught up in push back and complications, and 45's agenda will become all about health care. That will not be a good look for him, or his fellow Republicans. All the more reason to continue supporting democratic pushback, and turning out for the April recess!
    • Think how incredibly bad it will look if a Republican-controlled House, Republican-controlled Senate, and Republican-controlled executive branch cannot pass legislation, no matter how significant. 
    • I feel an inter-Republican divide coming on! Paul Ryan is gung-ho about getting the bill passed as-is and sent to the Senate. There is no way Mitch McConnell will take a House bill and pass it without adjustments.
  • Organizations typically supportive of the Republican agenda, as well as other vital interest groups, are coming out against the AHCA.
    • Heritage Foundation
    • Cato Institute
    • Americans for Prosperity
    • FreedomWorks
    • AARP
    • The American Hospital Association (and everyone has hospitals in their state!)
    • The American Medical Association (the largest group of doctors)

Actions to protect healthcare availability

Affordable Care Act (ACA / Obamacare)

  • Contact these Congressional Healthcare Staffers.
  • Contact your members of Congress
    • Email your members of Congress and tell them to oppose AHCA.
    • Text "RESIST" to 50409 and the free ResistBot will generate and send a fax to your members of congress on whatever topics you'd like!
  • Share your story through Stand Up America. If you get your insurance through the ACA, share your healthcare stories to show that the ACA improves and saves lives. 

Medicaid--AHCA plan federally defunds Medicaid expansion in 2020. Defunding Medicaid accounts for 14 million of the 24 million Americans who would lose health insurance. There has long been talk about adding a work requirement to Medicaid. That idea has also resurfaced this week.

  • Contact your members of Congress
    • Email and call  to ask them to oppose AHCA and protect Medicaid.
    • Text "RESIST" to 50409 and the free ResistBot will generate and send a fax to your members  of congress on whatever topics you'd like!
  • Sign this petition by California Senator Kamala Harris to tell the White House and Republicans in Congress that it goes against our values to mandate work in exchange for healthcare.

Planned Parenthood

 Photo from US News

Photo from US News

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