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Sweet, Sweet Victory

As you may have heard, the health care bill from hell is has been pulled from a vote until further notice.


Republicans drafted maybe the worst health care insurance bill in history. People stood up and spoke out. Moderate Congress members said "no way." The Freedom Caucus said "not conservative enough."

At the last second, after they had already delayed the vote by a full day, No. 45 asked Paul Ryan (bleh) to pull the vote. 

From the Washington Post:

"Ryan is still without a signature achievement as speaker — and the defeat undermines Trump’s image as a skilled dealmaker willing to strike compromises to push his agenda forward."

So, pat yourself on the back for taking a stand, and then let's get back to it.

    [Cancelling the AHCA vote] casts doubt on the GOP’s ability to govern and to advance other high-stakes agenda items.
    — Washington Post


    Retail Boycott: The amazing Callie Ann has been keeping track of the #GrabYourWallet results here. Some major successes there include Nordstrom, Uber, and Macy's.

    Cabinet Member Turnover: Gen. Flynn (Natl. Sec. Adviser) was booted in a record amount of time. Other government officials resigned in protest, or were fired by the administration for not agreeing with 45's positions and actions. Perhaps the most high-profile among those fired was the acting Attorney General Sally Yates.


    Overwhelmed? Start here, start small, but start TODAY!

    • Text your US postal address to (520) 200-2223 and get a text back with your state and federal legislative representatives' phone numbers. Guys, calling your House and Senate members is the best and most effective way to make your opinions heard. Don't believe me? Look here.
    • Download the 5Calls app -- yes, they have an app! They make it simple and fun to call your representatives, and log the calls into their database.
    • Use this handy dandy toolkit from Center for American Progress to easily tweet at, call, or message your reps that may still vote for the AHCA.
    • Feeling inspired? Check out the Resources Page here on Couch Activism to discover new and fun activism tools!
     Photo courtesy of Senator Martin Heinrich's twitter (@MartinHeinrich).

    Photo courtesy of Senator Martin Heinrich's twitter (@MartinHeinrich).

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