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Protect Trans Kids Part 2: Support Gavin Grimm

On Monday, Gavin Grimm's case, Gavin Grimm v. Gloucester County, was sent back to the lower courts by the Supreme Court. While the lower court initially ruled in Grimm's favor, SCOTUS stated that the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals must reconsider the case in light of the Departments of Justice and Education rescinding of a Title IX guidance clarifying protections for transgender students. This means that his case will not be heard by SCOTUS on March 28th as planned. 

Learn more about Grimm and Trans students: 

Learn more about the case, Gavin Grimm v. Gloucester County

  • Read this outline by the ACLU, the non-profit organization representing Grimm.
  • The case gained the attention of many schools and businesses who submited Amicus Briefs in support of transgender rights. Amicus briefs are legal documents filed in appellate court cases by non-litigants with a strong interest in the subject matter. The briefs advise the court of relevant, additional information or arguments that the court might wish to consider. Here's a full list of organizations who submitted Amicus briefs -- as always, be sure to #grabyourwallet. 

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