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Stay Woke Letter Writing Campaigns

Combating Activism Fatigue

Are you exhausted? We're getting a little bit exhausted. Monday morning, Brooke sent me a satirical article and it took me a moment to realize it was a joke, and 45 was not starting a "The Real First Family of DC" reality show. Was it because I hadn't had coffee yet? Because it was a Monday? Or perhaps it was a little too close to the realm of possibility? I'm not sure, but she fell for it at first glance, too.

2017 marks a year of record civic engagement. More people than ever before are paying attention to politics; millions have already started marching, rallying, and contacting their elected officials. How do we, in the parlance of our times, Stay Woke? Luckily, the organization HeadCount has been helping organize local "Stay Woke" Letter Writing Campaigns. You can volunteer at one of their upcoming events here, or gather up some friends and have your own #StayWokeLetterParty at your favorite hang out. All you need is contact information and old school or high tech communication platforms (Couch Activism suggests you go out of the box with a singing telegram or carrier pigeon). 

While you're on the Headcount site, maybe reward yourself with a fun a volunteer position at a Deccemberists, Dawes, Bonobo, String Cheese Incident, or Lupe Fiasco least, that's what I would do. 

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