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Oppose Mark Green for Army Sec.

Next up on 45's list of gaffs, the nomination of Mark Green for Army Secretary!

Following his education at West Point and a military career, Green was elected to the Tennessee state legislature.

He infamously opposed Obama's "bathroom law" and said it was the kind of government action that begged for armed citizens of Tennessee to protect themselves against. LGBTQ groups have been turning out in high numbers in opposition to this nomination.

This is yet another instance of "two steps back," as the last Secretary (Eric Fanning) to hold this position was the first openly gay man (or woman) to do so.

REMEMBER, 45's previous nominee for the position (Vincent Viola) withdrew in February saying that 45 could not separate himself from his businesses enough to avoid a conflict of interest.



Nominees for this position are confirmed by the Senate. So, time to call and/or fax your senators and urge them to oppose Mark Green for Army Secretary. (also Find Here)


[If your Senator intends to vote YES] "I encourage him/her to reconsider this position. Both Democrats and Republicans need to forcefully oppose this nomination and reject Green's support of discriminatory policies. Army officers are held to the highest standards that ensure an equal opportunity environment, and Mark Green is disqualified from consideration because he sponsored legislation allowing for state-level discrimination. Please pass my concerns along to the Senator as soon as possible. Thank you for your time."

*Script inspired by VoteVets statement.

 Photo courtesy of the New York Times.

Photo courtesy of the New York Times.

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