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Syria, oh Syria.


Last week was what the White House deemed "Leadership Week." Apparently time when 45 is competent (as in, does not make an utter fool of himself and the country) is thematic. My question is, is Leadership Week akin to "Spirit Week" in middle school? Are White House staff running around in their pajamas? Or dressing up like super heroes? 

As you know,  45 launched 59 missiles into a Syrian government air base as a response to President Bashar Al Assad again using chemical weapons (sarin gas) on his own citizens, killing at least 85. Allies of the Syrian government (i.e. Russia) are calling this an act of aggression


    • Find data on the crisis here, from the UN High Commission on Refugees.
    • Find additional phone call scripts here, from the 65.
    • Quickly learn advocacy tactics that work, from Indivisible.


    There are two main issues here.

    1. Demand No. 45 gets Congressional approval for future military action against Syria. Sample script:

    "I am calling to urge the [Senator/Representative] to make a public statement calling for Donald Trump to receive Congressional approval for any continued military action in Syria. President Trump is not fit to make unilateral decisions on this matter. Please urge the [Senator/Representative] to stand up for checks and balances. Thank you for your time."

    2. Demand that the U.S. give Syrian refugees asylum.

    Find your representatives and how to contact them here.

    SUPPORT MORE: Donate to organizations helping Syrians stuck in the middle of this political war.

     Photo from the New York Times.

    Photo from the New York Times.

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