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CREW's Chronicle of Presidential Conflicts


45 seems to already has countless conflicts of interest with his international business dealings.


Looks like they aren't quite countless. Our friends over at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (we mean this in the most literal sense--Hi, Maya! Hi, Walker!) have developed a pretty jarring timeline of Presidential Conflicts. The number of conflicts is so extensive that there are settings to "filter" the type of conflict with categories like "Mar-A-Lago." Check out the website and toggle the timeline functions--it's a little bit unnerving. 

"CREW is committed to holding government officials, including [45], to account when they abuse their power and fail to work in the public interest. Because [45] refused to divest his business empire, we are documenting every interaction these businesses have with the government and those trying to influence it...Here we present a timeline of instances in which the government and special interests have interacted with [45]s private business interests since he took office. The events can be filtered by broad categories in the pull-down menu and narrower categories by checking the boxes below, so we encourage you to take a look at whatever interests you. The facts speak volumes." - CREW Website

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