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Thanks, Sally Yates


On Monday, former Attorney General Sally Yates demonstrated some badassery.  At Couch Activism, we reject the notion that 45 can fire non-partisan officials while they are actively involved in upholding rule of law or an active investigation into his White House (yes, even the ever-problematic Comey). Sally Yates demonstrated the type of badassery that needs to be happening now more than ever. In case you missed it:

Not into reading? Partial to an inflammatory approach by a former MSNBC host? (Hi, Mom) have some Keith Olbermann. 

Psst. In an effort to keep you informed on other issues while the AHCA drama unfolds, we're posting about the numerous ongoing issues and updating our other AHCA post from earlier this week as needed--please complete the any outstanding action items to reject the AHCA.


You can Thank Sally Yates on a dedicated "ThankYates" facebook page.

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