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Mother's Day Special: Ultra Violet

Issue + Action

There's a wealth of misconceptions about abortion in this country and globally. The fantastic folx at Ultra Violet have posted a special set of interviews in honor of Mother's Day. Take a moment to add to your frame of reference about the issue of abortion access and the people seeking abortion care.  We've copied a selection of two of the interviews below, and encourage you to get the full story. 

“When I got pregnant, I was in a tumultuous and abusive relationship. I was constantly trying to leave him. The second the pregnancy test turned positive I knew I wouldn't keep it. I was nowhere ready to be a parent, I had just finished college and working in my first paid job. As terrified as I was, if I wanted to leave the projects, generational poverty, and an abusive partner I knew I needed to wait for motherhood.” - Aimee S., 45


“After having borne three children and pregnant with another, I asked to have a tubal ligation performed at the time of delivery with the fourth. My obstetrician refused to give me the procedure, telling me that I was under 30 and thus too young and had to have FIVE children before I could have my tubes tied. I could not take birth control pills because of a circulation problem and other mechanical means of birth control were not effective for me.” - Katie G, 77

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Thanks, Sally Yates