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It Starts Today: Funding to Turn Congress Blue


Hey Couch Activists, today we're featuring an initiative by our friends Jonathan and Ben over at It Starts TodayIt's a brilliant idea that aligns with the Couch mission of daily, small actions for a big impact! They've set up an system where you can automatically donate to Democrats running for Congress in increments of $4.68 each month. There are 468 House and Senate seats up for election in 2018. We require recurring donations in increments of $4.68 to make the math work.

It Starts Today is an independent initiative through which grassroots donors can fund every Democratic nominee for the House and Senate. We don’t play favorites or write anyone off, and your money goes directly to the nominee in every race in every district in every state.


In a nutshell: your contribution is a direct donation to each one of the 468 Democratic nominees for Congress in 2018. They take your donation, divide it into 468 parts and hold onto the money until each nominee is selected by a party primary in their state. Then they send them the money! Super easy participation. 

In more legalistic terms (for the lawyers and campaign finance geeks out there): the funds you donate via this website are contributions to It Starts Today that are then designated (“earmarked” in campaign finance regulation-speak) for specific purposes.

The core contributions are earmarked for each of the 468 Democratic nominees for each House district or Senate seat in the 2018 general election in accordance with FEC Advisory Opinion 1982-23.

It Starts Today is a political committee, incorporated as a nonprofit in Delaware and registered with the Federal Election Commission as a non-connected PAC. All contributions to It Starts Today and all of their expenditures will be reported to the FEC quarterly and publicly disclosed on their website.

It Starts Today is independent. While they support the efforts of the collection of national, state, and local organizations that make up the Democratic Party, they don't coordinate with them, and they have only one goal: break radical Republican control over Congress.


Think about what cut you might be able to make each month to contribute, can you forgo a latte or take out lunch here and there? If so, set up a monthly donation with It Starts Today.

Get informed about It Starts Today and share this initiative with others!

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