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Steve Bannon may be in the background now of the White House now, but it's important to maintain the resistance against #fakenews, especially pieces that are inflammatory and incites hatred or violence against people of color, vulnerable populations, or anger towards programs or policies that assist these populations.


Combat the propaganda instigated by Breitbart:

  • Learn about combating fake news and the Brietbart model from the New York Times.
  • Learn about the dangers of the Alt-Right entering the mainstream and's involvement in that process from the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • Read about the lessons learned from the 2016 Election in the US and how changes are being made by Facebook globally.
  • Ask to stop plugging their smart ads into
    • Smart ads use your browser history to populate the side bars of websites with ads. For example, it's May so the sidebar of websites like Facebook are populated with items I browsed for my partner's birthday; last month it was full of music festival "essentials" because I had "Coachella" in my browser history.

AHCA, again.

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