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Baby Criminals

Finally! Our prayers have been answered! Now, victims of 'illegal immigration' can finally take comfort in being able to search for the name of anyone detained for immigration violations, and find that individual's exact location. This includes the names of babies and young children, asylum seekers, and everyone else.

So, if a baby or small child has wronged you in any way from being brought into the U.S. without papers, you can finally sleep at night thanks to the Victim Information Notification Exchange.

From the website:

"Welcome to the Department of Homeland Security Victim Information Notification Exchange (DHS-VINE) homepage. DHS-VINE is a free, confidential service that provides crime victims/witnesses, their family members, and victim advocates confidential notification of changes in custody status."

Opponents to this dehumanizing database search are outraged -- rightly so -- calling this “reckless incompetence on the part of the Trump administration.”

Many children detained are vulnerable for human trafficking and other crimes and were brought into the States to escape violence back home. The names of asylum seekers are also kept secret to protect them and their families from retaliation, especially in the event that asylum is denied and they are sent back home. (LA Times)


Call, call, call those representatives and elected officials. Use this script from My Civic Workout:

Hi, my name is (NAME), calling from (CITY, ZIP). I am calling about recent anti-immigrant measures taken by the Trump administration, particular the VINE database and the VOICE office. The VINE database puts people in jeopardy, including those fleeing repressive regimes and seeking asylum in the United States. The VOICE office does not make anyone safer, and instead fosters anti-immigrant paranoia, putting immigrants at greater risk. I’d like to see the (senator/representative) use their oversight function to oppose both the VOICE office and the VINE database.

 Photo from Think Progress.

Photo from Think Progress.

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