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Immigrant Detention Policies Check-Up


Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement (VOICE) office: recently created under the Department of Homeland Security, this office includes a hotline to report suspicious behavior from potentially undocumented immigrants. (from My Civic Workout)

ACTION:  Read about how government propaganda contributed to Antisemitism in Nazi Germany, and then call your representatives and let them know the type of movement they are supporting.

Since the new administration as ramped up efforts to increase detention, issues with overcrowded detention centers have been widespread. ICE is renting out local detention centers and unused jails to hold the thousands of new detainees. 

ACTION:  Call your local officials, such as city council members, and urge them not to lease to ICE.

You can find all of your elected officials here.

45's budget that would finance a massive deportation force to tear families apart. Deportation conditions are absolutely disgusting. Some reports claim detainees are given worm-infested food, and more.

ACTION:  Send a post card through Rise Up, asking a congressperson to stand up for immigrants.


 Photo from The Hill.

Photo from The Hill.

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