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Healthcare Action


Hey Couchtivists, another member of the Action Alliance, Night Owl Activist did a brilliant job outlining the healthcare situation this week. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we've reposted her actions here and urge you to sign up to receive call to action emails from her. She's great.

"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has suddenly started pressuring Republican senators to come up with a new healthcare bill by the end of June so that they can vote on it before the July 4th recess. Not only that, but they're trying to get this bill passed without any hearings, committee markups, or amendments, and without sharing it with the public. They want to take away our healthcare behind closed doors before we even know what hit us...Word on the virtual street is that members of Congress (MoC) have reported quiet phone lines lately. We can't let that happen either! It's time to get on the phones, send emails and faxes, visit our senators, attend their events, camp out outside their offices, whatever we have to do to stop this bill from being passed. If it's anything like the AHCA (which it most likely will be), it will cause at least 23 million Americans to lose their health insurance, and that's just the tip of the iceberg."


Use the following actions from Night Owl Activist to get informed, contact your senators, and tell them to leave the Affordable Care Act (ACA) alone. 

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