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Gun Control: Now More Than Ever

Last Wednesday, a lone gunman opened fire at GOP baseball practice in Virginia. He shot House Republican Majority Whip Steve Scalise, a congressional staffer, a lobbyist and a member of the Capitol police force. Scalise remains in the hospital, although he has gone from critical condition to serious condition.

I have been hesitating on writing this post, but the issue is too important to ignore. It is also a very touchy subject. Somehow, when there is a shooting, right-wingers cry "politicization" when lefties try to create comprehensive legislation out of the event. I reject that. (And Republicans just put their foot in their mouth by creating an attack ad using the Scalise shooting against Democrat Jon Ossof in the Georgia 6th election.)

Yes, it is true that really, truly crazy people who really, truly want to commit such terrible acts will find a way to get a gun.

That said, the United States has 25x more gun-related deaths than any other developed country. Does that not mean something? Should we not try to protect innocent civilians and children from the threat of being gunned down?

I am not suggesting banning hunting rifles. By all means, go shoot a turkey. And after you do that, pick up the Constitution and read about originalism. The Second Amendment came about to allow militias to arm themselves. And, it came about in a time when it took about 20 seconds to reload. Now, we have semi automatic weapons and weapons containing multiple rounds of ammo, which allow shooters to take out dozens of people in one go. Do you actually believe the Founders wanted to protect our rights to carry AK47s?

     Graphic courtesy of the New York Times, article cited below.

    Graphic courtesy of the New York Times, article cited below.


    Contact your local and state representatives and urge them to fight for gun safety. You can check out your state laws here to give them some ideas for where to start reform.


    • OHIO | Tomorrow! Stand with Everytown For Gun Safety against HB 201, which would allow permitless carry of firearms.
    • OREGON | Wednesday! Stand with Everytown for Gun Safety in support of SB 1065.
     Graphic courtesy of

    Graphic courtesy of

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