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This One's For the Ladies

While health care may not be the central focus of the news these days, the issue remains life-changing for some. Especially for women.

Coming at you from two millennial, liberal women (surprise!), is this great article from the Skimm. If you are a millennial woman, or happen to know one, this is for you.

Main takeaways:

  • Fewer millennial women "feel informed about health care" more than the than the rest of the American population.
  • Health care is the most important to millennial women -- and, hey! To the rest of America, too. Catch up, Congress.
  • Millennial women aren't happy with their insurance coverage, but they rely on it for reproductive care (and most are on some form of birth control).


Now you can fax your governor through ResistBot texts! Yay, 21st Century. Urge them to fund Planned Parenthood and fight for women's health care coverage on the state level TODAY.

Volunteer at Planned Parenthood:

It is time to empathize with the young women around you. Take a stand for access to health care, and encourage others to do the same.



     From the Skimm (article linked above)

    From the Skimm (article linked above)

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