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"Just go to the E.R. if something happens"


We're still talking healthcare, y'all. On Monday, Couch Activism went to the US Senate hearings on the "healthcare bill." It was a treat to hear Senator Elizabeth Warren and her colleagues speak. Warren is calling for Democratic Senators to move toward single-payer healthcare. While we've delayed the vote, we still have some miles to go to ensure that this bill doesn't pass in the Senate. Fight the activism fatigue and ride this one out with us!


Medicaid/Low Income Populations: The bill begins Medicaid phase out in 2021, and cuts the program's budget by giving states a set amount to spend per person rather than the insurance program’s currently open-ended funding commitment.

Tax Cuts for the Rich:  This bill would get rid of Obamacare taxes, which made ACA expansion possible and hit the rich the hardest. 

Premiums: The Senate bill allows insurers to provide fewer benefits; bill also changes what percentage of costs an insurance plan must cover to 58% (ACA required 75 percent covered). This means more deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses and could increase these costs by 68 percent.

Senior Citizens: Older Americans who use the exchanges will be expected to pay a larger share of their income for health insurance. Those who make over 350 percent of the poverty line will now be expected pay full price.

Women: The bill "defunds" Planned Parenthood for a year; will bar the use of the bill's health care tax credits to buy coverage that includes abortions; allows states to opt out of maternity leave; and will decrease Medicaid, which pays for half of the births in this country.


Keep the pressure on and get informed.

Get Informed

  • Get a thorough response to the "just go to the emergency room is something happens," nonsense from an actual ER Doctor (and friend of the Couch, Dr. Erik Blutinger).
  • Not a single state has majority support for the "healthcare" bill.
  • What does a delay in the Senate mean? Indivisible has an answer.


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