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When I met you in the summer


Russia, Russia, Russia, continued. Emails between DTJr and Rob Goldstone are out. Goldstone initiated a meeting between DTJr and a Kremlin-connected lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, during which DTJr may have committed some ~light treason~.

In the exchange, Goldstone promised damaging information about Clinton as part of an initiative by the Russian government to aid 45's campaign. The documents were advertised to DTJr as "very useful to your father," stating they would "incriminate Hillary." DTJr's replies read like something out of Mean Girls, "love it, especially later in the summer."

The two scheduled a meeting, attended by Paul Manafort (45's Campaign lead) and Jared Kushner (America's favorite ventriloquist dummy). The meeting took place less than a week before thousands of DNC emails were released by hackers.

Naturally, Rob Goldstone had to share his 2011 internet savvy by checking in on facebook at the Trump Tower building on June 9th, and letting his followers know that he was "Preparing for meeting," (someone get him a bitmoji and throw him on that snapchat map). But I digress. 


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