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Ding Dong, the witch is dead

Pat yourselves on the back. As you may have heard, on Monday evening two Senate Republicans necessary to pass the Trumpcare "healthcare" bill came out against the legislation.

Since Senate Republicans needed everyone in their litter to vote YES, the bill is effectively D.O.A.

HUZZAH! But the fight is still not over. Now we have to rally to revise the Affordable Care Act, or something that actually provides coverage to Americans and those in need.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that the Republicans will be out for a "win" following this major failure. Keep your eyes peeled, lovelies. 


    • Call | Our Action Alliance partner 5 Calls has this handy dandy page, which will automatically generate the number and information for your Senator. Use their script to call and urge your members of Congress to fight for the ACA.
    • Send | Say thanks to the defecting Senators, Sen. Mike Lee (R - UT) and Sen. Jerry Moran (R - KS)


    • NPR | "Republican Health Care Bill Falls Short, Dealing Blow To Trump Agenda"
    • Politico | "5 reasons why the Republicans can't pass a repeal bill"
    • CNN | "Latest health care bill collapses following Moran, Lee defections"
     Cartoon by Paul Fell Cartoons.

    Cartoon by Paul Fell Cartoons.

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