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plot twist: chris christie wins the day!

Today, we thought we would share an interesting story from our friends at ThinkProgress.

Last week, NJ Governor Chris Christie (you may know him from satirical news and his failed 2016 bid for the Presidential Nomination) signed two new bills into law. Both advance transgender equality and protections. 

BILL #1 | S3067

  • Requires the Commissioner of Education to develop guidelines for ensuring “a supportive and nondiscriminatory environment for transgender students” in New Jersey schools. The guidelines should address the following:
  1. Protecting transgender students from discrimination and harassment
  2. Ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of transgender students
  3. Ensuring students are addressed by their preferred names and pronouns
  4. Recognizing students’ gender identities, including on their student ID cards and in the enforcement of dress codes
  5. Allowing trans students to participate in gender-segregated activities in accordance with their gender identity
  6. Never requiring trans students to use restrooms or locker rooms that conflict with their gender identity

BILL #2 | A4568

  • This bill prohibits state-licensed hospitals, health providers, health insurers, and Medicaid from refusing service to an individual because they are transgender. 

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