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The Firing of Non-Partisan Leadership by 45


The big news today is that 45 (at the suggestion of A.G. Jeff Sessions) fired the FBI Director James Comey yesterday. Reports claim that Comey found out by seeing the news on television. Comey has been, and will continue to be incredibly problematic--just like Jeff Sessions, DeVos and the rest of his crew. Perhaps the only thing more problematic is this heavy-handed firing of opposition or threats to his policy initiatives.

What's worse is it appears Comey was fired over his "handling" of the Clinton email investigation. That is, Comey decided there was not enough evidence to investigate the Clinton email scandal again. Read here about how this is potentially a very dangerous move for the administration.


Here it is, folks. A clear abuse of power. The administration just fired someone for not agreeing with them. And not just anyone. They fired the head of a supposedly nonpartisan legal bureau... again (remember Sally Yates?).


  • and other organizations are calling for protests outside local district offices and FBI field offices.
    • Find your local Senators' offices by determining who they are, and then find their local offices on their senate page. 
    • Find FBI field offices here. Then show up at 5 p.m. TODAY to make some noise.
  • You can also PROTEST AT THE WHITE HOUSE - today at noon.

2. PETITION | Sign this petition from Rep. Jerry Nadler (D - NY 10th) to call for an investigation into the administration's abuse of power.

3. SHARE | Spread the word and R.S.V.P. through this Facebook event. Tweet out this message and image (below).

 Photo courtesy of Ben Wikler on Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Ben Wikler on Twitter.

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