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Comey Takes the Stand

Remember how 45 has fired three career law enforcement professionals for investigating his ties to Russia? One of those fired was head of the FBI James Comey. Tomorrow, Comey will testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee to discuss his interactions with 45 regarding the Russia investigation. Finally, C-SPAN's ratings will be through the roof.


Officials in the White House claimed 45 asked Comey and others to halt the investigation into alleged ties between 45’s associates and the Russian effort to tamper in last year’s presidential election. Unfortunately for our Tangerine in Chief, Comey thought ahead and documented every meeting with 45 (9 in total -- while he only met with Obama twice in 8 years). 


  1. "Obstruction of justice" | If Comey accuses 45 of obstruction of justice (e.g. asking the FBI Director to halt an investigation of which he is the subject), that could be grounds for impeachment. My fingers have been crossed for four months. It's starting to get uncomfortable.
  2. Sen. Angus King (I - ME) | Senator King killed it during Wednesday's hearing, where he lambasted the NSA Director Mike Rogers for refusing to answer direct questions about his conversations with 45 regarding Russia (from the Week). 


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NOTE: Does the 'Webinar' post category include C-SPAN viewings? I vote yes.

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