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Happy Micro-Volunteering Day!

April 15th is Micro-Volunteering Day. Tomorrow!

Something Callie and I both admittedly struggle with is how to be an effective ally and couchtivist. We are both classically cynical people who have been trained in the liberal arts. That means we are annoyingly capable of seeing the potential in people and in situations, but also easily see the flaws. This site came to be as part of our personal attempt to take action, instead of just complaining. The question now becomes how do we continue this approach, both with Couch Activism and beyond, when there are so many immediate issues to tackle.

Luckily, an attorney at my firm passed this interesting article on "how to do good online." So, let's start here, with an audience who wants to do just that.


Find these simple, tiny tasks that you can do from the comfort of your couch over on the #MicroDay website. Things include playing games for research, tagging space map images, and reporting online harassment. Many options take 5 minutes or less!

If you're like me, you spend free slivers of time online shopping (yes, I know you do it too). Instead, take the time to contribute towards the greater good. It will feel better than the guilt of spending does -- promise! 

 Photo from Singapore Red Cross (Freepik).

Photo from Singapore Red Cross (Freepik).

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