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Net Neutrality - It's Still An Issue

Remember when we came to you with an explanation of net neutrality? Well, the topic is still relevant. 

On May 18, 45's FCC chairman, Ajit Pai (a former Verizon employee, I might add), put in motion his plan to gut Net Neutrality. The current FCC rules prevent internet service providers from blocking content and speech online — and from relegating some sites to a slow lane while charging more for access to others. (From


    Sign this petition to tell the FCC to protect net neutrality.

    Join 'Battle for the Net' and submit a public comment through this form.

    And, as always, call those representatives!

    The following infographic is from Software Engineering Daily. Check it out here!


    1. The proposed was overturn Title II of the Communication Act, which holds internet service providers (ISPs) accountable for providing equal access to high-speed internet, regardless of big corporations' spending.
    2. The loss of net neutrality disproportionately impacts vulnerable communities, such as low-income families, people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQIA+ populations, who utilize the internet for organizing against the administration. 
    3. Need enforceable rules to protect the open internet, because our access to the internet shouldn't be based on the decisions of a single corporation.
    4. This rule protects individuals and businesses, and removing the rule allows cable and phone companies (Comcast, Verizon) to rip us off.
    5. Without net neutrality, ISPs can control when we see and say on the internet. Stand up for our right to speak out and organize fellow activists. 
     Infographic from Software Engineering Daily! Check it out here.

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