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ICE Raids

Join this Webinar hosted by the National Immigration Law Center TODAY at 3pm ET / 12pm PT.

Add your name to these petitions opposing the ICE Raids, hosted by the following:

Muslim Ban

Remember that pesky Muslim ban that we have been writing about? (See 1/28, 1/30, and 2/10 posts). Here is another opportunity to stand against this discriminatory, illegal ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority nations.

Add your name to these petitions opposing the ban, hosted by the following:

What is the status of the ban?

As we posted on February 10th, the 9th Circuit Court has ruled that a stay (or pause) on enforcement of the ban will continue. However, the Administration still has the ability to rewrite the Executive Order in a less obviously idiotic manner, and one that fits with the law. The President does have the power to restrict who enters the country. The key is to not make the law obviously based on religion, or other discriminatory factors.

Now is your chance to ask your representatives to stand up and stand with their constituents against this ban, or this type of ban.

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