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Shoutout to Teachers of the Year

Who here was influenced by a great teacher? Someone who stood up for you and your education, and who went above and beyond what is required in their position.

I personally can think of a few, not to mention my mother, who I see do the same for her students year in and year out.

This year, 45 and Melania pulled off a last minute, hurried, and "rather weird" National Teachers of the Year event, according to the Washington Post. Feast your eyes on this description of the tomfoolery:

Usually, the National Teacher of the Year speaks. This year, that didn’t happen. Usually, the president spends some time talking with the teachers, giving many of them individual attention. That barely happened Wednesday... Usually family members join the winners to meet the president. This time few were allowed — and relatives of the teachers, some who had traveled at their own expense for many hours to attend, were left to wait in a building near the White House, with, as one said, “no water in the hot rooms.”

Rather than a ceremony in the East Room or the Rose Garden, as past presidents have done, Trump invited the teachers into the Oval Office, where he asked them all to gather around him, standing, while he sat at his desk... It was the first lady’s birthday, and the teachers sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

A parent of one of the teachers said in an email:

“There was no planning, no care, no water in the hot rooms, and no respect for the families…. One state coordinator who had been working on her job since 1999 said it was a disgrace and the most terrible thing she had witnessed.”

Here is yet another example of our president treating others with disrespect in the presence of his selfishness.


Tell these amazing teachers what the president didn't, and show the respect he could never show anyone in such a public service position.

Pick one or a few teachers of the year and send them a postcard. Find the list of teachers here, and Google their school for the mailing address!

P.S.: Isn't a picture worth 1,000 words?!

 Photo from The Mercury News.   

Photo from The Mercury News.


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