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EVENT: Speak Out to Protect Our Care

D.C. Couchtivists, I know you're out there! And as someone who has lived in D.C. more than once, I'm sure you're growing tired of all the political events you have to walk past on your way to work.

But this one is worth it. This one impacts 24 million Americans who could be left without health insurance coverage, or equal, affordable access to coverage.

WHAT: Gathering hosted by UltraViolet Action, where Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, along with Sens. Murphy, Stabenow, Whitehouse, and Wyden will join parents, kids, and people from around the country who will tell their personal stories on what repeal would mean to them and how important the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid are to keeping them healthy.

WHERE: US Capitol East Lawn on the Senate side across from the Supreme Court

WHEN: Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 21st @ 11 a.m. (Hey! Take an early lunch break!)

R.S.V.P. on Facebook!

Event hosted by:

Protect Our Care Coalition
Service Employees International Union
Organizing for Action (OFA)
Planned Parenthood Action Fund
American Federation of Teachers
Center for American Progress

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