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Protect Yo' Self

It's like Treat Yo' Self, but more important.

As you know, our lovely federal government recently decided to sell our internet browsing information to internet services providers (think Verizon and Comcast). If you're behind on your reading, check out our posts on the topic here and here.

TAKEAWAY: The government is following the example of our president and appealing to the interests of big business instead of prioritizing consumer protections.

Sounds like it's time for us to take matters into our own hands.


1. Set up a VPN.

Use the article linked above to see how you can download the Opera browser to browse the interwebz securely.

Download Opera // Turn on Ad-Blocker // Turn on VPN // Install HTTPS everywhere. It's that easy, folks.

2. Learn how to encrypt your life in under an hour.

Guys. This is so easy. It's a matter of taking some time to protect your own interests.

Syria, oh Syria.

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